Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Making Movies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Making Movies - Essay Example His critical analysis and great knowledge makes his book a must read for all amateurs who are learning the art of filmmaking. His book almost covers all aspects required to make a creditable film. He gives detailed knowledge about music, production, direction, props, cameras, editing, cinematography, scripts, actors etc. Â  This book provides a vision and a guiding pathway for all those who are entering this field and all those young filmmakers intending to make this vast field as their ongoing profession. In the movie The Verdict director Sidney Lumet according to me does not come up to my level of expectation as a lot more could have been done. After reading the novel I personally think direction was not as strong as it should have been for a person with so much in depth knowledge of the field. The level and the bar raised by Sidney are quite high which he didn’t sustain in this book. This clearly explains that despite the great effort and techniques involved far more could be done to make the movie a success. Apparently this movie for me was a very entertaining and a top notch courtroom based drama which had elements of tragedy, suspense, fraud, emotions and romance making it a complete story. Sidney holds this view that the script should disturb the conventional balance. Astonish the reader, entertains, intrigues and then when it is about to conclude the reader must develop a feeling that this was meant to happen. This precisely means that the script is the skeleton for any film and a good script keeps the audience awe struck. Likewise in the movie the script is one of the most complex elements, when Frank goes to meet his mom he is immensely affected by her present state which brilliantly unveiled another side of Frank. Â  Sidney believes that usually he is not thinking about the viewer might react; there are basically two perspectives when it comes to life that have a great impact, that is precisely life and death. These aspects are so intense

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